Call Center

We’re a business process outsourcing organization with in-depth knowledge in many industries and business practices that enable us to demonstrate value to all our clients.  We offer a wide range of services across many industries including, Insurance, Retail, IT, Healthcare, Banking, Manufacturing, and many more.
Our Inbound calling support center is well trained and equipped with the latest call center technology and infrastructure. When it comes to the success of any inbound call center, proficient customer service representatives are always very critical. Our customer care staff is well trained and highly educated in order to better understand what a customers' looking for, in which we can communicate exact information in a very effective and friendly manner.
We customize all our technology solutions to best suit each client.  With that customization our clients benefit from the overall effectiveness and efficiency within their organizations, helping them meet and exceed their goals, timely and cost effectively.
“After a successful venture into the healthcare field, we’ve entered into the BPO industry to identify opportunities and transform into a well-driven process for delivering full value for our clients' business.”
“Our clients will be pleasantly surprised by our innovative and supportive BPO solutions.”

Having our services spread out internationally across India and the United States, we are now focusing on more business and more expansion.  Our proficiency across all services within business process outsourcing (BPO) will be helping us expand our business plan to include inbound process management services as well.  With our continued focus on client satisfaction supported by innovation, we’ve proven our ability to deliver successful services to our clients which helped them in expanding their businesses.
At ploutus, we work with the motto "Delight the Customer and Expand the Business".  We believe that the key to outsourcing success starts and ends with the understanding of our clients’ requirements, goals and objectives.  We’re a forward-thinking company, and have been chosen by many of our clients because of our best practices, innovative thinking, skillset, and our ability to accomplish tasks on time with hard work, knowledge, and dedication.

“Clients expect their providers to have a deep level of industry and process knowledge, something we pride ourselves on, along with our persistent focus on quality being the key of our acceptance within the industry.”

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